Punch TV Studios and Head of the company Joseph Collins Offers The Magic For Stakeholders

Punchtv and CEO Joseph Collins Gives The Magic For Stakeholders

By a fusion of multi-media as well as financial power, The 2018 Shareholders Convemtion Convention along with Ball organised by Chief executive Joseph Collins and the Punchtv team brought the magic as promised in the magical city of Las Vegas, Nevada on 5/11/2018 and May 12.

Presented the recently acquired stock symbol, Joseph Collins madea historical revelation in reaching not only the Nasdaq place, but turning out to be the first African American owned and operated company to receive Nasdaq position by the black local community as it's central part investor base. All through the 2 day meeting, with literally hundreds of shareholders, shareholdersand potential investors experienced what Punch tv media had to offer.

Collins reported being "delighted, delighted and humbled" by both the acquisitionand the unprecedented achievement of the studios. "I many times thought about how Mr. Buffett turned one of the richest men in The States, and my idea is to construct a company where individuals obtain monetary wealth through stock capital," explained Joseph collins.

Joseph Collins, CEO executed just what the shareholders predicted: information about monetary education, what is actually next through the expansion of Punch tv studios advanced technology, future shows, and future guidelinesfor Punch tv studios. Guest presenters from around the United States knowledgeable shareholders on the subject of real-time investment diagrams, crowdfunding, their role, and a detailed demonstrations of from their functions with Punch tv media stockholders. As part of the 2 day convention, Joseph Collins, an specialist in business, carried out a exclusive Master Business Lesson.

During a night of dancing and making friends at the fun-filled get more info celebration, Mr. Collins met and welcomed each guests independently — a friendly and well-received part of the formal event.

in the presents here of the enthralled investors, the element of shocker persistedwiththe news of Punch Animation, Corporation. previouslyknown as Urban TV Network Company. Collins, Chief executive shared a peek of the animation demonstrating that Punch TV Studios was at the helm of developing.

In accordance to Joseph collins,"I would like to be the kind of CEO whose primary focus is to make my shareholders and future investors have assurance in what we are doingat Punch tv studios and to recognize that we are lookin towards transforming Punchtv to the billion corporation, which we be able to gain together."

Joseph Collins, the Head of the company of a developing movie business, is starting on a five hundred million world stock contribution at $5 per share for the development of new technology and growth of Punch tv media. Located in the Hollywood area of Soutern, California, Punch TV Studios is increasing its company and is achieving worldwide appeal. Punch tv media Corporation. engages in the network, making, distributing, licensing, and syndication of entertainment productions.

The studios supplies television publicizing solutions and sends 1st run syndicatedshow, off-network TV programs, and films for licensing and syndication around the planet.

For an questionwith Mr. Joseph Collins, please e mail Lisa at lisa@punchtvstudios.com or call us at 310-419-5914.

Mr. Collins is the Chief executive of Punch tv media and Punch Animation Inc. (formally Urban TV Network). This article could contain forward-looking information; Be sure to seek advice from an advisor before investing.



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